Scrub Suit uniforms Dark blue design1-NORMAL SIZE

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scrub suit dark blue unisex
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Dark blue Scrub Suit



Scrub suit IN UAE DARK BLUE uniforms for  medical staff in hospitals and operations room WASHABLE and REUSABLE CUSTOM medical  Scrub suit for nursing clothing

Al wadi scrubs provide the DARK BLUE scrub suit  very good quality we can add the company  logo embroidery

Many hospitals require employees to wear specific-colored scrubs.

Sometimes this is to differentiate between departments, so it’s easier to identify physicians from nurses and surgeons. Other times it’s psychological since certain colors elicit certain emotions in people. Whatever the case, your scrubs color choice shouldn’t be taken lightly.

DARK BLUE  COLOUR is unisex color most used for doctors in operations to disappear te blood  it did not catch dust and look in nice appearance with many pockets design our medical scrubs are made of fabric thick enough to prevent a patient’s bodily fluids from making direct contact with the wearer’s skin it is 180 GSM thickness  V-Neck  and Pants with elastic waist and tie

Scrub suit design 1

Scrub clothes come in a variety of comfortable fabrics.

سكراب بدلة عمل ازرق غامق لباس للتمريض الممرضين و الممرضات في المشافي و العيادات يعد هذا اللون الاكثر استخداما للممرضين وهو عبارة عن  قماش بوليستر يصبح انعم و اطرى بعد الاستعمال مكون من 3 جيب بالقميص العلوي و 2 جيب بالبنطال يعد الافضل الاكثر عمليا  للاستخدام في هذا المجال  سكراب  الوادي

يمكن اضافة اللوغو او شعار الشركة و الاسم بشكل مباشر على القطعه او عن طريق تصميم اللوغو بشكل منفصل بادجي

Scrub suits are made to provide maximum comfort and maneuverability, allowing nurses and others to perform their tasks without constraints. Scrubs also come in shapes and sizes to comfortably fit any body type.

Hospitals, clinics and Many organizations utilize different color scrubs to identify various departments within the hospital or facility.

al wadi scrub suits design 1 no need more ironing these Scrubs are designed with materials that do not easily pick up dirt and grime, but when they do they are easily laundered to sterilize and remove blood stains.


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